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Create and account or log in. If you don't have an account, simply enter a username and password to create one. No email confirmation required.

  1. Create a new Table. After logging in, click or The name of table is automatically generated and shown at the bottom of the web page.
  2. Invite at most 9 Players. They will need to create an account and provide you with their username.
  3. Start Table. After all desired players have been added to the table, move all players from watching to playing by clicking All but one player must be watching in order to (re)start the table.
  1. Tell the host of a table your username, so they can invite you.
  2. After logging in, accept the invite. When an invitation is sent, you will see a blue banner on your user page with the username of the person inviting you and the name of the table. Click .
    User peter is inviting you to join the "red jay on the cedar tree" table.
Click the plus sign to add minutes.
  1. Add funds. Enter the amount to add in the "add amounts" field. Then click "add" or press enter.
  2. Assign players roles. Click to assign the button (dealer), little blind and big blind.
  3. Click chips to add bets. Clicking "call" will match your bet to the highest bet that round.
  4. Push bets. Click
    to move bets to the pot (both dealing and revieling cards does this automatically).
  5. Deal cards. Click Only your two hole cards are visible to you. The Flop, Turn and River cards are hidden.
  6. Click cards to reveal.
  7. Muck the last card if it was turned over accidentally. Click
  8. After final round of betting, reveal your hand. Click "All Player Cards". The cards of each player who clicks will be revealed.
  9. Set your own side pot amount. Type amount in the "set side pot" field and then click "set" or press enter.
  10. Winner(s) claim chips from the pot. Type amount in the "claim from pot" field and then click "claim" or press enter.
  11. Clear cards. Click
  12. Rotate button, and little and big blinds. Click
  13. Move yourself to "watching" when you get knocked out or if you are just observing. When a player is watching, the button, little and big blinds will not be assigned to that player.
  14. Deal the next hand.
  15. Claim a bounty chip when you knock a player out of the tournamnt. Click .
  16. Restart the table. Click to reset for the next table.
  17. Leave the table. Click to leave the table when you are watching.
  18. Close the table. Click to end the table when at most one player is not watching.


This is a Texas Holdem' web application that allows users to create and join tables. There are no money sending capabilities.

My intention is that players use a video chat software simultaneously.

This site is still under developement, so changes are still being made and features are being added. If you have any suggestions, please send them to me. My information can be found at